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11027750098?profile=RESIZE_180x180Cesar Chavez was born in 1927 in Yuma, Arizona. He was named for his grandfather who came to the United States in the 1880s seeking a better life. Cesar spent his early life on the family farm where he witnessed sharing the food of the farm with many

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10968652464?profile=RESIZE_710xThe Air & Space Museum was established in 1961 and is housed in the historic Ford Building in Balboa Park. Outside in front of the museum are actual aircraft - a Convair Seadart, Lockheed A-12, and SR 70 Blackbird. 

The museum covers over 100,000 s

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10962752077?profile=RESIZE_584xKate Sessions (1857-1940) was an American botanist and horticulturist who made significant contributions to San Diego's Balboa Park. Her work in the park helped to transform it from an arid desert landscape into a lush, green oasis and laid the found

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